All You Need to Know About Thermal Blackout Blinds

Thermal blackout blinds may help you save money on your energy costs while also being ecologically friendly and lessening your carbon footprint. But that is not all! These blinds have other surprising benefits too. They can provide privacy from unwanted visitors, attract wildlife to your garden, and keep your conversations private from nosy neighbors.

In this blog post, you’ll discover all the things that you should know about thermal blackout blinds.

What are Thermal Blinds?

Let’s begin by defining what a ‘Thermal Blind’ means. It’s a blind designed to either retain heat in your room, preventing it from escaping, or to keep your home cooler by reflecting sunlight away from your window. The good news is that our thermal blinds at Custom Blinds & Curtains are effective in accomplishing both of these functions.

Are Thermal Blinds Really Useful?

Introducing thermal blinds creates an additional barrier between your room and the window pane, which effectively reduces heat loss through convection and conduction. While thermal blinds can help retain warmth in winter and keep your home cooler in summer, they are not intended to replace or match the efficiency of air conditioning systems.

Things That Thermal Blackout Blinds Do

They Keep the Internal Light In

A blackout blind that blocks incoming light also prevents light from escaping the room. This feature is particularly important to me because I prefer privacy and like the idea of maintaining plausible deniability about my whereabouts.

This aspect of blackout blinds is surprisingly popular among many people who value the ability to control visibility from outside – whether anyone can tell if they are home or if the lights are on.

Blackout blinds can assist lessen light pollution in the area and make your garden a more wildlife-friendly place by not shining brightly at night, which might draw creatures that sleep like rabbits to the area.

They Keep Sunlight Out

The primary advantage of thermal blackout blinds is their ability to block sunlight effectively when needed. This is particularly useful for ensuring a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, especially if natural light tends to disrupt your sleep schedule. However, blackout blinds offer more than just better sleep. They are also gaining popularity for use in home offices to create a conducive work environment free from distracting sunlight.

They Keep Summer Heat Outside

Another use for thermal blackout blinds is their ability to keep rooms cooler during the peak of summer. The thermal coating on the blinds’ fabric not only blocks sunlight but also deflects external heat, thereby reducing the extent to which rooms heat up from sunlight entering through the windows.

They Protect Your Fabrics From Fading

If you have a conservatory or a room with extensive windows that allow a lot of light in, you’re likely familiar with how direct sunlight can quickly fade fabrics like lounge suites or curtains. Sometimes, you only notice this fading when you turn over a sofa cushion to hide a stain and find that the side facing the sun is a different shade.

However, closing your thermal blackout blinds during sunny days can effectively slow down this fading process. By blocking the intense sunlight, these blinds help prevent fabrics, artwork, and even the wallpaper or paint behind artwork from fading and discoloration rapidly, particularly in rooms that receive a lot of sunlight.

They Help Soundproof a Window

Thermal blackout blinds have the added benefit of reducing outside noise when they are closed. Whether it’s passing traffic, pedestrians, or early morning birdsong that disrupts your sleep, these blinds can help mute these sounds to some extent. This noise reduction is primarily due to their close-fitting design and thick fabric construction, especially when installed properly for maximum effectiveness.

How to Choose Best Thermal Blinds for You?

Consider Your Local Climate

Your local climate should guide your choice of thermal blinds. If you experience extreme temperatures, such as freezing winters or scorching summers, investing in high-quality thermal blinds can be particularly beneficial.

Budget Considerations

For those on a tight budget, roller blinds are a more affordable option. But keep in mind that roller blinds may not provide as much insulation as honeycomb blinds, despite their lower cost.  By reducing heat loss in the winter, honeycomb blinds can ultimately result in even greater cost savings.

Style and Aesthetics

There are numerous patterns, colors, and styles of thermal blinds to choose from. Pick a look that blends in with the general decor and vibe of your space. While Shutters or Roman blinds provide an illusion of opulence and luxury, roller blinds are perfect for a minimalist, modern style.

Light Control and Privacy Needs

Consider your preferences for light control and privacy. Shutters offer maximum control over both light and privacy, while thermal roller blinds and roman blinds excel in room darkening and glare reduction but offer less control over light and privacy during the daytime. Evaluate your needs and preferences carefully when making your selection.


Thermal blackout blinds are an excellent addition to any house since they have advantages over regular light blocking. These blinds are a useful and fashionable way to protect your furniture, provide privacy, and save energy costs. Thermal blackout blinds may help alter your area while simultaneously lessening your environmental footprint. If your goals are to minimize noise, maintain a pleasant temperature year-round, or create a quiet sleep environment.

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